UMC UM82C480 (386/486 PC Chip Set)
Chipset parts: UMC UM82C481 UMC UM82C482 UMC UM82C206

UM82C480 386/486 PC Chip Set

Q: My motherboard is listed as having this chipset but I have a 391 part instead of 481 part. Why is this chipset linked to the board?

A: Sometimes a motherboard has the chips swapped. The manufacture built the same board but by putting the 391 part on instead, it only supports 386 CPUs. Usually we link directly to the UM82C390 40MHz 386 PC Chip Set, however if you are here it is because the motherboard also comes in this configuration.

Documented parts

Drivers: not available
Documentation: 1 file


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