1. How do I submit an improvement on the site?

Boards on the site are curated by our dedicated team of archivists, thus the editor is not open to the public. If you want to submit an improvement or a new board/chipset/driver, you can do it via:

2. How should the submission look like ?

The overall idea is to include as much information as you have for the given entry, such as images, manuals and/or BIOS dumps. But there are of course some criterias to follow:

  • Title (required): this is the first thing we see when we go through entries, so having a clean title is important, it can be one of the following:
    • Add [entry] - [entry name and/or part number]
    • Improve [entry] - [entry name and/or part number]
      where [entry] can be either a motherboard, a chipset or a driver
  • TRW links (required for existing entries): always provide the link of the entry you want to improve, it makes it much easier and faster for us
  • Photos (required for boards and chipsets): when you attach photos, always provide their source; if the photos are yours, then you must mention your name as the source; photos without a source will not be taken into consideration

    • license: we use CC BY-SA 4.0 for all the user submitted photos, so you must agree to that license if you choose to provide images; the only exception to this rule are auction site photos (such as eBay), which fall into a more gray area when it comes to licensing and we will always prioritize images with a clean source/license
    • quality: down below is a tier list of image quality which should be taken into consideration when submitting images

      • A: best - all the text markings are clearly legible, markings on SMD resistors and other small components are also legible, no shadows or white light spots on the PCB


      • B: good - most of the markings on the PCB and the important chips are legible (such as chipset, LAN, audio or clock chips, etc.), minimal shadows or white light spots


      • C: acceptable - markings are barely legible but visible, image shaking/blur, shadows and/or white light spots present


    we expect images to be at the very least of the acceptable type, anything else that doesn't meet any of the specs listed above will NOT qualify

  • BIOS dumps (optional, boards): these help us a lot to identify who is the manufacturer of the board, so if you have the possibility to provide a BIOS dump, it will be appreciated
  • Manuals/Datasheets (optional): same as above, manuals and datasheets can help identify features of the motherboard or of the chipset, respectively
  • Description (optional): any additional information that doesn't fit the above