Intel 815P (Solano-3)
chipChipset parts
Intel 82815P (MCH) Intel 82801AA (ICH)
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The 815 family includes the following variants:

Name Southbridge Northbridge
815 ICH GMCH (integrated video, AGP)
815E ICH2 GMCH (integrated video, AGP)
815P ICH MCH (no integrated video, AGP)
815EP ICH2 MCH (no integrated video, AGP)
815G ICH GMCH (integrated video, no AGP)
815EG ICH2 GMCH (integrated video, no AGP)

Documented parts

Intel 82815P (MCH)


There are two revisions: A2 and B0. The difference is that B0 supports tualatins. They can only be identified by the S-SPEC marking. The B0 rev is sometimes informally called the 815ET.

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