DM&P Vortex86SX
Chipset parts: DM&P Vortex86SX

Vortex86SX is the x86 SoC (System on Chip) with 0.13 micron process and ultra low power consumption design (less than 1 watt). This comprehensive SoC has been integrated with rich features, such as various I/O (RS-232, Parallel, USB and GPIO), BIOS, WatchDog Timer, Power Management, MTBF counter, LoC (LAN on Chip),JTAG etc., into a 27x27 mm, 581-pin BGA packing single chip.

Documented parts

Vortex86 CPUs implement the IA-32 architecture but which instructions are implemented varies depending on the model.

Drivers: not available
Documentation: 1 file


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