Micron Samurai-DDR Copper
chipChipset parts
Micron MT8LLN21PADF (Samurai-DDR Copperhead) Micron MT8LLN22NCNE (Samurai-DDR Coppertail)
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Documented parts

supported CPU: Pentium III (Tualatin compatible), Pentium III-Xeon (Cascade compatible), SMP compatible. Memory: DDR SDRAM (200 / 266MHz), registered / unbuffered compatible. Registered: Up to 8GB with 4DIMM socket. ECC compatible. Unbuffered: Supports up to 2GB with 2DIMM I / O Bus: 64bit PCI (33 / 66MHz), PCI-X (66/100 / 133MHz)

APIC 2.1 compatible 16 PCI device 4 USB port (probably 1.1) Dual Channel Ultra ATA / 100 IDE LPC (ISA not supported)

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Drivers: not available
Documentation: not available


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