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SUN Microsystems SUN Ultra 10 375-0009 Darwin

SUN Microsystems SUN Ultra 10 375-0009 Darwin Revision 2.3


CPU support

Supported sockets:
  • LGA 587
Supported architectures:
  • SUN UltraSPARC Sabre
  • SUN UltraSPARC Sapphire Red
Note! Some steppings might require updated BIOS/microcode to work properly.
Specific mainboard revisions require specific processor cards in combination with compatible processors to function. As an example you cannot simply use Sabre processors on the Sapphire Red processor cards. The 375-0009 board shipped with the 501-4379 512KB Cache Sabre processor card. The fastest Sabre processor the 375-0009 board supports is the 2MB Cache 501-5222 360Mhz Sabre. The fastest Sapphire Red the board can run with (depends on your boards quality) is the 2MB L2 Cache 501-5149 at 440Mhz. Support for Sapphire Red processors (250nm) requires newer OpenBoot firmware (at least 3.19v4.). For more details refer to this.

System memory

  • Type: EDO 50/60 ns
    2 memory channels on 4x 168-pin DIMM
    ECC memory is optional
    Registered memory is optional
Max supported: 1.00 GB


Northbridge/MCH: SUN STP2210QFP
Southbridge/ICH/PCH/MCP: SUN SME2411BGA
The Uniprocessor System Controller (STP2210QFP) integrates many functions that are conventionally spread across many other chips on x86 platforms. The Advanced PCI Bridge (SME2411) is used to connected to almost all peripheral functions including SuperI/O, IDE, Ethernet, etc. The mainboard has Support for UPA (Ultra Port Architecture) Graphics cards. These interface directly to the processor bus and provide a point to point link similar to AGP, however it's implementation is more optimized for the system.
SuperIO: National PC87332VLJ
ATI Rage II+DVD integrated graphics, with max 4 MB of SGRAM VRAM
Crystal CS4231A audio IC
STP2003QFP (3C905) for 100M operation
8 Mbit Parallel BIOS ROM

Power supply

Main board power: 20-pin ATX
Additional power sources: SUN P9
1 3-pin DC fan header

Expansion slots

4 PCI slots
1 PCI-X slot

Rear I/O ports

1x DE-9 serial
1x DB-25 parallel
1x RJ-45
VGA output
Audio connectors: Line out, Microphone in

Internal I/O headers

1x RS232 serial
1x parallel


2 IDE channels, up to 33 MB/s
IDE RAID supported
Floppy connector, up to 1 drive

Circuit board

Other form factor
PCB manufactured in the year 1998




BIOS image

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