Compaq ADI Audio Driver
Release Date
Supported OS
1998winWindows 98, 1999winWindows 2000, 1999winWindows ME, 2001winWindows XP
Media type
1x  InstallerInstaller
Perfect Copy
18.32 MB
Last updated 2023-05-08T15:59:43Z

PRODUCT MODEL(S): D315 Business PC: All Models

Evo D310 Microtower: All Models Evo D310 Desktop: All Models Evo D310 Slim Tower: All Models Evo D310v : All Models

Evo D510 Small Form Factor : All Models Evo D510 Convertible Minitower : All Models Evo D510 e-pc: All models

Evo D510 Ultra-slim Desktop: All Models

Evo Workstation W4000 SFF DDR: All Models

Presario 3900xx : 3901JP, 3901TW, 3902HK, 3902JP, 3903HK,
: 3903JP, 3904JP, 3904TW, 3905HK Presario 6000T : 6LPPEG, 6LPPS1, 6LPXE1, 6LPXEC, 6LPXEG,
Presario 6000xx : 6010AP, 6010AU, 6011AK, 6013GC, 6015AP,
: 6016US, 6017GC, 6017HK, 6020AP, 6021AK,
: 6021AP, 6022AP, 6022TH, 6025GC, 6027CA,
: 6027US, 6028AK, 6032CA, 6033US, 6035AP,
: 6035HK, 6040AK, 6040TH, 6045CA, 6045GC,
: 6046AP, 6046GC, 6047AP, 6050GC, 6055AP,
: 6055AU, 6055GC,
Presario 6100xx : 6120LA, 6125LA, 6130LA, 6140LA, 6150LA,
Presario 8000T : 8LSPE1, 8LSPEG, 8LSXE1, 8LSXEC, 8LSXEG

OPERATING SYSTEM(S): Microsoft Windows 98 SE Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (ME) Microsoft Windows XP Home Microsoft Windows XP Professional


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