About The Retro Web

This is a project aimed at documenting as many pieces of hardware as possible, built entirely by volunteers, who code for the site/add new entries in their free time. All the images that are added on this site should comply with CC BY-SA 4.0 , unless specified otherwise by the image owner. We also have a GitLab repository, where you can see the code behind TRW.

Partial list of people who helped shape this project:

  • Deksor (project initiator)
  • computerguy08 (UI development)
  • TheRealZago, owner of the former theretroweb.com site
  • evasive, owner of elhvb.com
  • mR_Slug, creator of the chipset encyclopedia
  • scorp, aka Necroware on YouTube
  • 0xCats
  • Carlos S. M.
  • edneil
  • DecoySportsGame
  • Predator99
  • Luckybob

You can also find us on these forums:

Release: 2.0