PCChips PC100 AGP Pro (VIA MVP3 VT82C598AT)
Chipset parts: VIA VT82C598MVP (VIA MVP3) VIA VT82C586B (PIPC)

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The VIA Apollo MVP3 aka VT82C598MVP/VT82C598AT is a Single-Chip Socket-7 / Super-7 North Bridge for Desktop and Mobile PC Systems with AGP and PCI plus Advanced ECC Memory Controller supporting SDRAM, EDO, and FPG ram.



  • Interfaces

    • AGP / PCI / ISA / ISA Mobile
    • Single chip implementation for 64-bit Socket-7-CPU Host Bus, 64-bit system memory, 32-bit PCI and 32-bit AGP interfaces
    • Supports 3.3V and sub-3.3V interface to CPU
    • Supports separately powered 3.3V (5V tolerant) interface to system memory, AGP, and PCI bus
    • PC-97 compatible using VIA VT82C586B (208-pin PQFP) south bridge chip with ACPI Power Management
    • Modular power management and clock control for mobile system applications
  • Integration

    • VT82C598MVP system controller with PCI link to VT82C586B PCI to ISA bridge
    • VT82C586B also includes UltraDMA-33 EIDE, USB, and Keyboard / PS2-Mouse Interfaces plus RTC / CMOS on chip
    • Can be combined with VIA VT82C596 (Intel PIIX4 pin compatible 324-pin BGA) “Mobile South” south bridge chip
  • CPU Interface

    • Supports all Socket-7 processors including 64-bit Intel Pentium / Pentium with MMX, AMD K6, Cyrix/IBM 6X86 / 6X86MX, and IDT/Centaur C6 CPUs
    • 66 / 75 / 83 / 100 MHz CPU external bus speed (internal 300MHz and above)
    • Built-in deskew DLL (Delay Lock Loop) circuitry for optimal skew control within and between clocking regions
    • Cyrix/IBM 6X86 linear burst support
    • AMD K6 write allocation support
    • System management interrupt, memory remap and STPCLK mechanism
  • Advanced Cache Controller

    • Direct map write back or write through secondary cache
    • Pipelined burst synchronous SRAM (PBSRAM) cache support
    • Flexible cache size: 0K / 256K / 512K / 1M / 2MB
    • 32 byte line size to match the primary cache
    • Integrated 8-bit tag comparator
    • 3-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 back to back read timing for PBSRAM access up to 100 MHz
    • Tag timing optimized (less than 4ns setup time) to allow external tag SRAM implementation for most flexible cache organization
    • Sustained 3 cycle write access for PBSRAM access or CPU to DRAM & PCI bus post write buffers up to 100 MHz
    • Supports CPU single read cycle L2 allocation
    • System and video BIOS cacheable and write-protect
    • Programmable cacheable region
Drivers: not available
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