Intel 430NX (PCIset NX Neptune MP)


Chipset Overview

The 82430NX PCIsets provide the Host/PCI bridge, cache/main memory controller, and an I/O subsystem core (either PCI/EISA or PCI/ISA bridge) for the first generation of computers based on the Pentium processor. It takes advantage of the PCI Local bus for local I/O while maintaining access to the large base of EISA and ISA expansion cards, and corresponding software applications. Extensive buffering and buffer management within the bridges ensures maximum efficiency in all three bus environments (Host CPU, PCI, and EISA/ISA Buses).

The 82430NX ISA PCIset consists of the 82434NX PCI/Cache Memory Controller (PCMC) and 2x 82433NX Local Bus Accelerator (LBX) components, plus a PCI/ISA bridge or a PCI/EISA bridge. For an ISA-based system, the 82430NX PCIset includes the 82378ZB System I/O (SIO) component as the PCI/ISA bridge. For the DP ISA based system, the 82430NX PCIset includes the 82379AB.

For UP or DP EISA-based systems, the 82430NX PCIset may additionally include the 82375EB/SB PCI/EISABridge (PCEB) and the 82374EB/SB EISA System Component (ESC). However due to interrupt constraints systems incorporating the 82379AB (SIO.A) cannot also accommodate these EISA bridges.

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