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Windows ME boxy wallpaper

So... you want to build a Windows 98 retro PC?

Getting started with the basics for your new retro machine.
Time for a well needed back end renovation!

A few notes on the hardware database

Changes, changes, changes...
The Retro Web now has a UT99 DeathMatch server

Adding "Gaming" to the retro with a UT'99, Quake III Arena and Doom server

Quick PSA: we now have a UT '99/Quake III Arena/Doom server. Feel free to frag at
Replacing a thermal pad and dusting off an Asus motherboard.

I have old hardware! What now?

You finally got hold of some old hardware, but it needs some TLC before using it. Here are my tips on how to get started.
Introduction manuals and setup CDs for Windows 95 and 98SE

Getting started quicker with Windows 9x

It's math: 98 > 10. However, today, it's very simple to just use an SSD and a fast USB3 flash drive. But Windows 98 doesn't know either of them!
Slot 1 processors: Intel Pentium II and III

Intel P6: why did it succeed?

Introduced in 1995, formally discontinued in 2002, but revived in 2003. You might be surprised to learn that its legacy still lives on to this date, but maybe not how you might expect.

Latest motherboards

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3LR

Intel P45/Intel ICH10R motherboard for LGA775 CPUs.


VIA VT82C694X/VIA VT82C686B motherboard for PGA370 CPUs.

Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4

Intel X58/Intel ICH10R motherboard for LGA1366 CPUs.

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So... you want to build a Windows 98 retro PC?

By realismbro285, published 2021-05-20

A few notes on the hardware database

By bobosG, published 2021-04-19